Are Fountain Pens Collectible Items or Status Symbols?

If you have ever thought about starting a collection of fountain pens, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Some of these pens are expensive to buy brand new, and antique pens are even more expensive.

Perfect gift

For the man who has everything, this is the perfect Christmas gift. For a mere $1,470,600 this can be added to anyone’s collection- the beautiful Aurora Diamante fountain pen is the world’s number one for most expensive. There is only one put on sale every year. This fountain pen has over 30 carat diamonds from DeBeers on the barrel of solid platinum. The Aurora Diamante has a rhodium-treated, 2-tone, nib made from 18 KT gold and best of all – it is personalized with a portrait and signature, and also the coat of arms of the person who will own the pen. Aurora Pens maintains that it is selling the only over thirty carat pen in the world – and no collection is complete without this pen!

Too expensive

Well, maybe this is just too expensive– perhaps the collection should begin with some fountain pens that are a tad bit cheaper. There are several companies that are known for the fine writing instruments or fountain pens they produced. That is where a good collection can begin.

Definition of a fountain pen

Collections of fountain pens should have a correct definition so it is known what is being collected. A traditional fountain pen is a nib pen that contains an internal reservoir of water-based liquid ink. It is from this reservoir, the ink is drawn and fed to the nib and then to the paper via a combination of capillary and gravity action. With this design, the typical fountain pen needs very little or no pressure to write. Some of these pens are filled by pre-filled ink cartridges.


Waterman is probably the name that is the most recognized as founder Lewis Waterman filed the first patented for the first fountain pen in 1884 and have some of the most stunning fountain pens on the market today. Waterman pens are priced starting at less than $100 to a little over $1000 which is much less expensive than the Aurora Diamante listed above. Browsing at the collection of Waterman fine writing instruments are some very elegant and quite beautiful fountain pens; so any good collection should have at least one example from the Waterman collection.


Another well- known name in the world of pens is the name Cross, a company that has a catalogue of fountain pens, ball-point pen, and matching sets of pens and pencil. Cross puts on the market elegant pen and pencil sets that are given as gifts to bosses, teachers and others for Christmas, graduation gifts and thank you type gifts.

Last 158 years

For over the last 158 years, Cross has re-invented writing instruments that combine imaginative design with jewellery-quality craftsmanship. Cross is the first American company to market fine writing instruments. Everyone has owned a Cross pen at some time in their life. So several examples of Cross pens needs to be added to any collection.

In the history of fountain pens currently a few modern manufacturers such as Pelikan and Mont Blanc now consider a fountain pen as only a collectible item or a symbol of status, rather than an actual writing tool for everyday use. You weren’t thinking about using these pens, were you? You can get a good ball-point pen for less than a dollar!